Mohamed Malim

"Refugees are the hardest working people on this planet. For me, the word ‘refugee’ means people who go through a lot of challenges and who persevere. The word always reminds me of who I am, the struggles and challenges that I came from.”


"Many of us living in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, have probably never experienced the challenges and trauma that stem from the disaster of a civil war".


We often find ourselves trying to understand but are not fully able to comprehend the refugee experience, but I have lived this life and I’m grateful for the lessons it has taught me as a Somali-American.  I have confronted and conquered the difficult realities of becoming an American. 

I was the first in my family to graduate high school, pursue a college education, be accepted into a prestigious private school and to participate in collegiate athletics. My mother’s struggle and resilience has led me onto a path of continuously trying to help others, to live my dreams for all those who couldn’t live theirs; never forgetting them. I’m inspired to keep moving forward and trying to become a better person for my family, those unfortunately left behind, and my community whose stories are almost the same as mine. My mother constantly reminds me, “We are one of the lucky ones that were able to achieve our dreams.”

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Forbes 30 under 30 Fellowship- 2018

Youth Assembly Ambassador- 2018

Minnesota Campus Compact President Award- 2018 

MINN IDEA Summit Fellowship- 2017

University of St.Thomas Track and Field Team Conference Champion- 2018 (Indoor)

University of St.Thomas Track and Field Team Conference Champion- 2017 (outdoor)

University of St.Thomas Track and Field Team Conference Champion- 2016 (Indoor)

Drake Relays Invitation 4X4- 2016

2017 ILM entrepreneurial leadership award- 2017

Marie Nesbitt Promise Price Award- 2017

The Brandlab Award- 2016

Shawn Carter "Jay Z" Award- 2016

John Olson Foundation Award- 2016

Page Education Award- 2016

Gilman International Award- 2015

Cecil E. Newman Award- 2014